Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which sticker is which?

A: The Vehicle Registration Tag has a blue border all the way around it. And is says, “Vehicle Registration” at the bottom (see sample below) and is issued by the Department of Transportation. The Inspection Sticker can be different colors depending on the county where the inspection was performed. Primarily, they are blue and they state Texas Department Public Safety.

Vehicle Inspection Sticker

(Endangered species)

Vehicle Registration Tag

Q: Should I receive a sticker after completing my vehicle inspection?

A: Vehicle inspection stickers are no longer issued. Instead, the Vehicle Inspection Receipt (VIR) is the only documentation needed for proof of a passed vehicle safety inspection

Q: Do I still need to get my vehicle inspected?

A: Yes, the Dept of Motor Vehicles now requires every vehicle to pass a safety inspection before they allow a vehicle to be registered in the Great State of Texas.

Q: Can I just register my car first then get my safety inspection?

A. No, the safety inspection is required before your vehicle can be registered or receive renewal registration.

Q: Can I continue to go to the Tax Assessor’s Office and renew/register my vehicle registration?

A: Yes, however your vehicle must pass the safety inspection.

Q: What documentation do I need to present to prove my car passed the safety inspection?

A: Eventually, you will have a Vehicle Inspection Receipt (VIR) which you will receive at the time your vehicle passes its safety inspection. Currently, these are not available but the State of Texas is working on it. Official Inspection Station customers may present their receipt as documentation their vehicle has passed its safety inspection.

Q: Can I renew my vehicle registration online?

A: You can continue to renew your vehicle registration online however your vehicle must be current for its safety inspection. In anticipation of these changes to Texas Motorists, Texas Tag & Title is rolling out its new convenient set of services for both vehicle registration and inspection. All current customers of Official Inspection Station will be at an advantage since their vehicle inspection data is on record and available to Texas Tag & Title. So, get your vehicle inspection at Official Inspection Station and your registration will be a breeze at Texas Tag & Title.

Q: Can I renew my registration by mail?

A: Yes. Any of our convenient locations can process your registration renewal. Follow these easy steps.
Or avoid the lines and stop by one of our 5 convenient locations.

Q: Can I just get my safety inspection and my vehicle registration in one place?

A: Yes, at Official Inspection Station locations you can get your safety inspection and vehicle registration. OIS has partnered with Texas Tag & Title and is installing Registration Kiosks in the inspection bays providing a convenient way to do both. This saves our customers time and money and provides a convenience unmatched in the State of Texas.

Q: Isn’t there a One-Stop Shop?

A: Yes! Texas Tag & Title is located next door to Official Inspection Station bays so that motorists can get their vehicle inspection AND their registration in ONE place!

Q: I always count on the 5-day grace period. What happens now?

Eventually, there will be no grace period for vehicle safety inspections since they are being retired. The vehicle registration will still maintain its 5-day grace period.

Q: In the new plan, when would my safety inspection (inspection sticker) expire?

A: It would expire on the same day as your vehicle registration sticker.

Q: What do I do with my inspection sticker?

A: Stop by any Official Inspection Station and we will remove your sticker at no charge and make ourselves available for questions. You can also see the new Registration Kiosks and give them a spin!

Q: My registration and inspection expire in different months. What do I do?

A: Visit your nearest Official Inspection Station. We can provide solutions for our customers so that their inspection and safety stickers become aligned and coincide in the same month. You will be all set!